Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23, 2008
There's a Zombie infestation / Scourge plague spreading across the lands currently. Be sure to join in and eat some brains ;) Also, there's some information on 3.0.3 which may be of interest to some rogues. Fan of knifes "might" be put on a 10 second cooldown instead of 30. If we're lucky. exposed Blizzard is also still very much delusional as to the workings of expose armor.... Yes it's a great buff, but no we're not going to use it much. 5 combo points guys, "5" combo points. Combine that with the option to put talent points in it to increase the duration and you're still looking at a shit ability. Here's what I want to see: * Expose Weakness * Cost : 20 energy * Stacks up to 5 times No cooldown, no finisher, no combo points needed, nothing. Just put it on par with sunder armor, and make it into an equal ability. STOP WASTING OUR COMBO POINTS! It really can't be that hard to realize. We'll gladly provide the raid with a buff if there's no warrior. But using that ability as a finisher is a no-go. You can even add an "improved" talent for it into one of the talent trees (subtlety perhaps?) that provides us with an instant attack that increases the stack of expose armor. Just like Devastate. Ok, I know it's totally un-original but it'd work just perfectly. Lightning Reflexes The ball's still out, and there's nobody wanting to replace it. Indeed, still no word on what the replacement talent will be. So for the meantime we're stuck with a junk talent in a tree that's currently weaker than assassination. And Blizzard is very much aware of it. They just don't have an idea how to fix it yet. So here's a thought: * Lightning reflexes, now : 5/5 gives 5% dodge. * Lightning reflexes, maybe? : 3/3 gives 6% haste. Works great with sword specialization and gives the combat tree the much needed DPS boost compared to assassination. They could even just nerf assassination, but somehow I doubt that's on the menu. It's not like there's not already plenty of talent points to spend on the 4th tier. Perhaps move it to the third tier so we don't have to waste a point into Endurance for the +2% stamina. Or add something else on the 7th tier so we don't have to waste yet another fluff point. Or tier 9, it's not like unfair advantage is going to be any kind of advantage for raiders. And then I haven't even started on the pitiful junk talent that's called "killing spree". Why is it bad? It disables your autoattacks. My weapons, hasted and affected by Slice and Dice were already hitting the target quite rapidly. (2.0 and 0.5) 2 Minute cooldown? I believe the actual end result is less than a 0.5% increase in your total overall DPS. That's just sad. Look at the hunter talent for exotic pets. A pet is about 30% of a hunter's total DPS, and exotic pets are meant to do about 10% more than a regular pet's dps. So you're looking at a rough estimate of 3% DPS increase. Nothing wrong with that, but it does put the rogue 51 pt talent to shame. Now if you'll excuse me. I have some towns to infect. /BrAaAaAaaAAaaaiiinsss Update: As there's a lot of zombie hate and lovin' going around, phase 2 has started and there's a useful thread on the wow forums to provide you with some more zombie information. In short, quit crying about getting killed go find more zombies and organize yourself better. Deathcharger's Reigns droprate increased from 1-5000 to 1-100. If you're hard set on getting one, it should be a lot easier now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Random Raver:

Just a note - Killing Spree DOES NOT stop white attacks.
That was several patches ago on the PTR and never saw live.

It does lock you out of other moves for 2.5 seconds - so don't use with a full energy bar or you will cap out.
And it does reposition you which many find confusing.

Anonymous said...

Me again.

I forgot to mention:
I really like Killing Spree.
It's a good burst talent.
Also when combined with Bladefury its excellent for AoE (KSp procs the BF second attack).

With FoK on 10 second cooldown Combat rogues will do very good AoE.

bbr said...

It didn't work with blade flurry when I last tested it.
You saying it got hotfixed?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am! Try it.
I use it to clear ravengers in the nethercite mines while earning rep.