Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28, 2008
Well, no more brains, the event is over, a cure was found, the infection will no longer spread. A shame really, even with all the stupid crying and cursing from people who just haven't got a clue on how to entertain themselves if they got itching powder in their panties,,, it was fun. You weren't safe anywhere, even Shattrath City. Heck, "especially not" in Shattrath. Lets just say it was very entertaining. Who knows when / if / ever we'll be able to do this again. Sure it's annoying if your battlemaster, banker or flightmaster is dead just when you were planning to use it. But seriously, 90 seconds isn't that long to wait for a respawn. You can still get brains to still your hunger, but it won't ever be the same for a while. I suspect many will have a more lingering thought on where to go afk now. Will a zombie bite me here? What was that sound? Headless Aside zombies, it's halloween. With the violet proto-drake (310% speed) looming large in everyone's mind we've gone around and gathered some people together, brought a warlock and about 10-12 alts and did some repeated headless horseman pounding. The end result was quite funny. Sadly a number of corpses did despawn, but everyone got their heads and pets in the end. Not a single mount sadly... Bucket Could somebody please tell that bloody walrus that I found the bucket? I've been using it to collect all the QQ tears of nerfed retribution paladins and AFK players that I've zombiefied or killed at the bank, flightmaster, etc. Even managed to put out some fires with it in brill, imagine that. Poll end What sort of music do you listen to when playing wow? It appears rock is quite popular among the readers. The default ingame music is used still more than I thought it would be. Trance scores high, along with players multitasking wow + TV. Rythm n bass, classic and modern are low low down the bottom as I figured they would be. Who seriously listens to classical music while you're pounding in heads in PvP, or getting shafted by a big dragon? o_O
  • Rock - 55 (50%)
  • Ingame music - 35 (32%)
  • None / Other - 28 (25%)
  • Trance - 20 (18%)
  • TV - 18 (16%)
  • Radio - 10 (9%)
  • House - 8 (7%)
  • Dance - 7 (6%)
  • Classic - 3 (2%)
  • R 'n B - 3 (2%)
  • Modern - 2 (1%) New poll is up. Brains?

    George said...

    Nice post, but since the last screenie isn't very clear I wonder..
    Did you changed you trolls face from angry to more nicely ^_^

    bbr said...

    Still the same!
    Haven't used the silly barber shop thing yet >_>

    Anonymous said...

    The only thing that sucked about zombies was the fact that you couldn't attack player zombies in Shat. So there was no recourse when people were being douches.