Patch 3.0.2 released!

14 Oct for the USA, 15 Oct for Euro.
MMOC has a nice post with most of the details.


Lots of changes since it's the pre-wotlk patch.

  • Inscription is available and can be trained up to 375
  • Achievements added.
  • Glyph slots open. You'll have access to 2 major and 3 minor Glyphs at level 70. Be sure to find a friendly neighbourhood Scribe to make you some candy! For a lists of known glyphs you can look at that same post on MMOC.
  • Two new arenas. Orgrimmar and Dalaran. No new battlegrounds yet.
  • Barbershops, stormwind harbor, new flight towers outside UC and Orgrimmar, caverns of time layout changed.
  • Tier 4-5 titles can no longer be obtained, as is the ability to get the Zul'Aman bear. Naxxramas is removed, as is the option to complete the legendary Atiesh quest chain.
  • Improved shadows engine. Can take up quite a bit of processor speed though.
  • Bag space! Minipets, mounts, and tokens of any and all kinds have gotten absorbed into the User Interface.
  • Debuff stacking changed, lots of buffs now affecting the entire raid, spell damage and healing merged, as are crit, hit and most haste effects.

    And more, so much more. Lots of class changes, most of which you should have already seen by now.


    My druid finally made it to 70, and is currently working on the swift flying form chain. Part 15 of the chain now. It's been well interesting so far, but way too much flying about. He's got mining and skinning maxed at the moment, but with WotLK being practically "here", it's time for him to drop skinning and pick up herbalism. For a while at any rate.

    My mage is currently the only other character of mine with a mining pick, and then there's my hunter who's running about with a skinning knife and a leatherworker's needle. Plus three more level 70s with maxed professions. Choices need to be made as there's a new profession available. Inscription.

    Likely I'll drop mining on the mage and pick up inscription since the profession can create BoP caster offhands aside the other stuff. Drop skinning on the druid since my hunter already has that as well and he's a leatherworker anyway. Skinning is nice while levelling, but after that it becomes fairly redundant.

    I'll keep most professions on my main the way they are (engineer, enchanter) until level 80 probably, as the total number of changes to professions do not appear to be finished yet. You'll recall there were some stat bonusses to be had specifically for each profession. Such as sockets for blacksmiths, ring enchants for enchanters, gems for jewelcrafters, glove and boot enchants for engineers, shoulder enchant and possibly an extra glyph slot for scribes, wrist enchant and drums for leatherworkers, and finally a cloak enchant for tailors. *phew* At any rate, we'll see where that goes.

    Inscription leveling guide. I'd have done it today, but you're going to have to wait a bit longer for this one. I'll definitely get around to it soon though, as I plan to make use of it myself as well ;)

    If anyone has links to share, feel free to drop them in the comments box as I'm keeping an eye on that one.

    Patch mirrors

    Since the patch is a whooping ~900-1600 MB (for the EU anyway), you'll probably want to be using some form of mirror to download the thing. Thanks to a frequently updated page on WoW Wiki which I've helped start, you should have no trouble finding the exact mirror you're looking for. In case wowwiki is overloaded though... which does happen so and then. You can always have a poke at a.wirebrain instead.

    1. I wish in the midst of upping all the graphics for the scenery in the expansion they'd up the polygon count on the models so they don't look so jagged. Especially the hands. The hands!

    2. beyondthe tree has done nicely on improving the hands a fair bit.

      Nothing some photoshopping won't fix, though I guess that just means extra work for you :P

    3. The lass got one hell of a Thumb in Beyond the Tree

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