A quicky on 3.0.3

Patch 3.0.3 is currently on the test servers as you can see here as well.

Some of the main highlights include :

That is all...

Well, no. There's more, but that one line just made my day. :P

Rogue Glyphs

Some new, some old, some changed.

  • Vigor. A major glyph that gives you 10 max energy. It's quite nice for grinding and pvp.
  • Rupture, got nerfed a little. Instead of 5 sec it's now 4 sec.
  • Sinister strike, got a 10% buff and is now 50% chance to add a combo point on crit.
  • Shiv, has been removed. Probably because blizzard found out that shiv rogues were doing more DPS than plain combat rogues. About 200 DPS worth. Playstyle not intended, glyph removed. Boo.
  • Sprint, now gives an extra 30% speed at the cost of 5 sec duration less. Instead of the old -60 sec cooldown. Sprint is now a 3 min cd on it's own already, so you're fine.

    Not only did the shiv glyph get removed, they nerfed combat potency as well.
  • Combat Potency now proc from your off-hand melee autoattacks. (Old - off-hand melee attacks)

    Druids and Inscription

    I got my druid to 70, and finally managed to get his epic flight form today. He's been running around the barrens, stonetalon and stranglethorn picking up herbs to raise his skill and indirectly raising my mage's Inscription. I'm working on the inscription "guide" as he goes up. At around 115 skill now. You'll need to have a bit of patience for that one.

    1. This blows ... paladins have been underpowered for along while now you and others want to bag on Rets for finally being what there supposed to be.

    2. haha, you really thought you were supposed to be like that?
      And for the record I never saw ret pallys as underpowered pre-patch either, there's alot of high rated in the arena atleast, it's just that most people dont know how to play them.
      But as it is now any scrub pally can beat any class they want to.

      What they're supposed to be...
      A class with more damage then a warrior in melee range plus an awesome range damaging abilty. Also with the ability to heal and become invurnable for a few seconds. ...I think not.

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