Pity some fools

Mr.Z be telling you, there are some who do not believe in the legendary Night Elf Mohawks. I pity the fools.

You can go pity them fools as well.
According to WowHead you can find the Night Elf Mohawks at several locations around the world. Find them near you.

They should make an achievement out of this. Beats having everyone out hunting rogues damnit...

Oh, and for pony!, that's a pretty useful item actually. It's a silly achievement, but the result is as above. Your squire gets a mount, "and" gains the ability to provide you with a mailbox / bank box / vendor every four hours. It's a lot like Jeeves and Moll-E combined into one item. (And with a longer cooldown) Total cost is 150x Champion's seal, a bit pricey, but worth it. (A lot like the upcoming goblin minion-racial thing)

Mr.Z has also been out hunting for a baby phoenix this weekend. With success!

Achievement Unlocked

It's all about meta gaming. But, seriously, why on earth would anyone do this? Sick freak that he is, over 10.000 Achievement points. Some Taiwanese who has probably never in his wow career seen the daylight. 10850 Points. Go beat that, I dare you.

Here's me with my puny 7600.
Or, 7610 actually, after wtfkilling that lonely priest in the field of strife.
No idea how she actually managed to get on a mount during combat, but whatever.

Tier 10 + patch 3.3

In case you're wondering when the next major content patch will arrive, well, ETA is about one month. Perhaps three weeks, perhaps four. MMOC already has a bunch of pictures up of the new Tier-10 artwork. You may want to check out if you hadn't already.

And Finally

MMOC has a few interesting videos and screenshots of the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. Sadly both the worgen and goblin females remain elusive for now. But you can get a nice impression of the new character selection screen at least. As well as the worgen and goblin starting zones. Some are rather blurry, though certainly interesting.


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