Monday, August 04, 2008

August 04, 2008
So, if you checked the previous post you'll see the investigate guest posting option. There's several topics I'd like to have a post on, info, or even whatever you think might be interesting to share with the readers of this blog. I'm not talking about a "zOmGwtfBBQ lolz hi guys!" sort of post, but actual well written interesting stuff. Some thoughts might be:
  • How to prepare your (insert class here) for raiding. Specs, talents, gear. Druid, rogue and hunter preferred but other classes are also fine.
  • How to be an awesome farmer with blue gear.
  • (Insert class here) pvp and arena, staying alive while your head is being bashed with an axe. Be creative basically. I'll list an open request for it on the Blog Azeroth forums as well. Lets see who will bite first :) If you're interested, just leave a comment even if you're not normally a blog writer. I'll review your submission, clean it up a bit, add some pictures (if you don't supply any) and it'll be up and viewable here with your name and link under it.

    Anonymous said...

    Also trying to find some1 to guest post on my blog. Maybe we could exchange articles?
    samownall - Wow Blogger

    bbr said...

    I can be contacted here. Not sure what I'd write on your blog yet, but i'll keep that option open for now :>