Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008
The achievements are still under heavy review, blizzard is working on making sure that all the legacy achievements such as having killed nefarian, ragnaros, onyxia and other Pre-TBC and TBC bosses are all awarded correctly. As was shown before most achievements can only start working at the moment of the patch. Some are easily checked if you have the items / kill counts already in place. For legacy bosses this is a different matter, and as such blizzard is working on a method to ensure these are registered when the achievement system goes live. WoW Provider has a nice list of all the current achievements as well as a all the Talent trees for each previous patch. WoWHead also has a nice big list of all achievements. Notice that the factions are shown double however. For example there's the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement which requires you to complete every dungeon from level 10-60. Deadmines - Stratholme. And the Classic Raider achievement which requires you to complete Onyxia, Molten Core, ZG, TAQ and more. Naxx is not listed, as it will be moved to Northrend. Most such achievements can be awarded by the game by looking at your quest history. It knows which quests you completed. Such as the quest to kill the prince in Dire Maul, or Scarlet Monastery. Not all bosses have a quest to kill them however. Onyxia, Nefarian and C'thun for example are involved in some quests but these are not always available to all players. The bosses do drop an item which can be turned in for a reward and this quest will allow blizzard to track who has completed the achievement. Since the item is a single drop however, they are also adding the entire loot table of those last dungeon raid bosses. If you recently cleaned up your bank though.... you'll miss out. Quote Ok, for everything 25-person and above, we added the full loot table checks on BoP items - Gruul, Mag, Vashj, Kael, Illidan, Archimonde, Kil'Jaeden, Onyxia, Ragnaros, Nefarian, C'Thun Dungeon bosses and anything that requires less than 25 people will check any quests but no items. We can not check the Heroic Daily Quests or Dungeon Daily Quests as they are repeatable and not tracked accurately by our system. (Source)
  • Also, you have to have the items in your inventory or bank. If you deleted them you will not get credit and the GM's will not restore items for achievements.
  • Tier 4/5/6 Armor parts bought from BoP tokens dropping from bosses are also counted, you will get the achievement.
  • The Quel'Serrar quest counts for Onyxia. You don't even need the sword. The quest is good enough. Also : You will gain some rewards but the points are not spendable. Listings The good guys over at the EJ forums have put together a list of quests you could look at for all pre-TBC instances, as well as all the TBC instances. Having completed those quests, should in theory award you the achievement related to each of those instances. The items you'll have to gather yourself however. Also see: this post at MMOC. Basically if you've managed to do this quest, you're mostly set on all the pre-TBC raids up to silithus. It starts with this quest. Lots of farming, collect a head from BWL, more farming and a bunch of expensive materials. It's probably easier to just go back and actually _do_ those dungeons when you hit level 80. Onyxia should be soloable. TBH, blizzard should add an "ancient fruitcake" achievement. I still got several stacks of Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake from the very first wow christmas event. Surely that thing is hard as concrete by now. Even my hunter's boar doesn't want to eat it anymore, and that critter eats anything.

    Trollin' said...

    I have 1 Fruitcake in my bank from the first Christmas too, lol!

    But yeah, you won't be able to go back and do the achievements for classic raiding and stuff at 80. Supposedly, you won't be able to get Legacy Achievements after they are implemented. Like, all the ones out now, if they launch with Patch 3.0, you'll get them if you've done it at 70, but you won't get a chance to get them at a later time.

    Muckbeast said...

    Other than earning a title, do you get anything from earning these achievements?

    If they are just for titles, I see this being a feature that represents a lot of dev time but very little player interest in the long run. This kind of thing is huge on more RP oriented games, but WoW ain't about RP.

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    bbr said...

    Not sure you even get a title at this time, they'll likely add that at some point though.

    Achievements are something to collect, and human nature being as it is I can see people trying to get as many as possible. Even if they're not all worth points. Blizzard must be adding the points for the WotLK achievements for a reason though. It's anyone's guess what they'll do for now. Tabards, titles, pets, gear. could be anything.

    I kind of doubt they'll make it impossible to complete any of the legacy achievements when you do reach level 80. Not much point in adding those achievements otherwise, since not many players will be carrying around gear from those bosses anymore. Then again, doing it at level 80 isn't much of an "achievement" in itself either.