Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008
Currently in progress: "Rogue tanking 101". It's another fairly large post, so it'll take a while to finish. Just tag the RSS and keep an eye on updates. If you hadn't already done so. Anyway, until I finish that post, I can at least direct you to a few relevant links on the subject:
  • Some form of tanking spec. Subtlety obviously.
  • Project Rogue Tank. by Downfall guild.
  • Shadowpanther's tanking armor list.
  • Reaching 100% avoidance, at the EJ forums.
  • Making a BC rogue tank, at the EJ forums.
  • The goddess is my shield by nhani. A bigger and much more detailed post on the rogue tanking subject will arrive in due time, but this should get you trough your day until then. Sadly I think it'll be a bit too late to be of a great lot of use. The WotLK 3.0.2 patch is coming in the next few weeks according to blizzard. This will most likely change our talent trees, as well as some of the buffs we can receive. Dodge tanking should still be possible though. Not to mention it'll be great for in pvp/arena if you can't be hit. For WotLK, building an evasion gear set will certainly be something I'll keep in mind while going trough WotLK. Even though blizzard seems to think otherwise. Quote: "We've learned a lot about itemization since then and certainly have no plans of going back to Sunwell Radiance. But don't expect to get 100% avoidance any time soon." Another issue, is the sunwell radiance buff which all mobs in sunwell have. They get +5% hit, and lower their target's (you) dodge chance by 20%. Meaning you'd need an additional 25% evasion. This simply is unreachable. So, while we'll be able to tank most of karazhan, serpentshrine, etc. Sunwell simply won't be an option. Something that could be a major issue however, is the threat changes in 3.0. As you may know salvation and likewise buffs will be removed. Tanks are "probably" going to have their threat modifier increased to compensate for this. e.g. a warrior will have +75% (example estimate) increased threat in defensive stance instead of +15% or whatever it is now. Rogues however, are not intended to be tanks, and thus have the same -29% threat that we've had for a long time. Threat thus will be quite difficult to keep vs the rest of the raid or whom most will have a 0% threat modifier. But that is for later concern. For now, the goal is to get 101.8% evasion. Which is 100% +3 x 0.6% for each level that a mob is above your own.
  • Base Dodge = 9.53% (Troll rogue)
  • Base Parry = 5%
  • Boss Miss Rate = 5% (Not a dual wielding boss)
  • Spec Avoidance = 10% (5% dodge, 5% parry)
  • Enchant Avoidance = 10.636626209%
  • Buff Avoidance = 19.1724625%
  • Sub Total Avoidance = 59,32% without gear 101.8 - 59,32 = 42,48% that you'd have to get from gear alone. Not impossible. WotLK Jewelcrafting The Dragon's eye cuts are no longer unique-equipped so you can use 3x +27 hit rating or 3x whatever you want. However, you're not limited to 3 of them in your equipment. Instead of the 7 gems x 7 stats = 49 stats, this puts them at a lowly 3x 7 stats = 21 stats. Hopefully you haven't dropped any professions to start JC yet ;) Blacksmithing is currently in the lead with 3 extra sockets, but things being as they are this is still beta and anything could change. ps: Give Cru a poke, it's thursday and he hasn't updated yet!

    Anonymous said...

    I love the idea of rogue tanking. I still can't believe the tank that tanked illidan!
    Feel free to check out my wow blog at and I would love a link if you like it :)

    Daniel said...

    After looking at the previous comment, I imagine you have seen the Rogue from Shards of Existance tanking Mother Shahraz and Illidan? Just another awesome thing that happens from my server. :)

    bbr said...

    I've tanked onyxia myself, she's a pussy really and can be done in plain gear with a single healer. But it's quite fun! I can imagine illidan and mother being pretty thrilling. I'm more worried about getting enough threat generation.

    ( )
    Add me and i'll add you :P
    ps: you'll really want to get rid of the google ads, they contain goldsellers quite often. Have you tried PW yet?

    Anonymous said...

    You may find my writeup about my rogue's tanking set helpful.

    I haven't had many requests to tank recently, but I have successfully tanked Mother Shahraz and every boss in Karazhan. My guild recently transferred; you can contact me on Zul'jin as Dizign (Iconoclast guild).

    Anonymous said...

    ^ Dizign.

    Forgot to add I'm on a US server, sorry.

    bbr said...

    Linky, i'll have a look, cheers!

    bbr said...

    You'll want to have a look back soon, your lootrank values are incorrect, and meta gems can actually be used. :)

    I think you'll find the post quite useful when it's finished.