Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12, 2008
Well, it looks like we got a post linked on WowInsider, which caused a slight,,, somewhat large...,, err. Alright let's face it this blog in it's current form was not build to support the sudden appearance of about 28K more visitors than usual in such a short time.

I suspect in part I should thank mania for the spike, as the Wowinsider scouts picked up the link trough her blog.

Here's what I woke up to this morning :

Normally we're at around 1-2K views in a day. So we've just been hit by about a month worth of traffic, in the time of less than 12 hours. It's only reasonable to see the web server give a little hiccup at that. I've had the issue before, and took some measures to ensure it's not as likely to cause trouble in the future. But apparently the measures were only a half fix. The CSS trick seems to have worked and the site loads fine for the most part. You'll just notice that there's a couple of images that will refuse to load.

Well, it's a good thing the site gets stressed so and then, it forces me to think of a way to make it more efficient in the future. Let's see how soon the images come back up and we'll work from there.


Another poll reached it's ending date, and as such we'll be starting a new one. Not without posting the results of the previous one however.

What do you feel as being the most enjoyed play style?
  • DPS - 75 (41%)
  • Melee - 61 (33%)
  • Tank - 40 (21%)
  • Caster - 38 (20%)
  • Healer - 37 (20%)
  • Ranged - 30 (16%)
  • Physcal - 14 (7%)

    Since the blog audience has a slightly larger number of rogues, and focuses for some parts on DPS I guess the results were fairly predictable. The total number of votes on that poll could have been higher though.

    Since WotLK will be releasing at 00.01 tomorrow (tonight), I'm wondering where you've ordered your CD / DVD. You can leave that here in the comments here if you wish though. The poll the next few weeks is a bit more straightforward :
    * Did you get your WotLK box on time?

    Mine is currently in the mail, slooowwwwly making it's way to my house.