Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 26, 2008
So, you hit level 80, and wonder what to do next. Really? Well no, I see there's still "so much" to do that it's a constant dilemma to figure out what to do. Quests all over the place, raids pulling close, loads of heroics, plenty of gear to upgrade, reputations to gain, professions to level, pvp, and many another thing. I don't see anyone getting bored particulary soon. Loken on the other hand (as you can see in the above image) got quite tired of our little pug wiping horribly on him. Rogue ye be? Anyway, for ye rogues out there, the still hasn't updated yet... So glyphs and specs will be tricky to calculate. There's a few other options available though, and there's also Rawr but that one's primarily developed for druids, and sadly not updated to 3.0.x for rogues yet. As far as glyphs go, Sinister strike + Slice and Dice + Rupture seems to be the primary way to go as combat spec. I'm using a pretty weird spec currently, mainly for lack of weapons. I sort of stumbled into Greed during a heroic Stratholme, you just don't let something like that get disenchanted. The problem with fists however, it that there's just nothing really worthwhile to use as an offhand. I'll sort that later though. What's on TV right now... Monkey business on Discovery channel :P Poll end Another poll ends, which started during the zombie event. You can still get your favourite zombie food during a quest in Zul'drak. Yumm...
  • Braaaains! - 202 (54%)
  • Stay away from me!! - 78 (20%)
  • Wha? Ow... guh. brainss... - 58 (15%)
  • I'm hungry. - 36 (9%) And a new poll: How fast did you reach level 80?