Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28, 2008
Here's a chuckle, I'm sure you'll enjoy. Meanwhile I've ordered a new Dell Studio desktop. Contains an Intel Core I7, good ATI video card, a heavy 6 GB of ram, and comes with a Full-HD 23" monitor. Hopefully this crap will be a thing of the past then. It's currently at the delivery service (UPS probably), so it should be arriving soon(tm). Ghouls I've started working on a Deathknight alt, I must say,,, the class is ridiculously overpowered. As a rogue you run up to a mob (two or three if you got cooldowns available) and kill them reasonably fast. Sit and eat if needed, the continue. As a mage you gather up a nice group of mobs, AoE the crap out of them, spend a few minute looting and drinking and then find another group. Much like this guy. As a deathknight however.... I've started mine as blood which seemed nice at first, but you gain more health than your maximum hp could ever hold. At the recommendation of a friend however, I went ahead and took the unholy path. Aside the insane and obviously useful grinding talents which improve your speed. You can still use death strike and Blood presence. It was AoE like nothing else. Run into a pack of mobs the size of which most mages do, but end up with full health at the end. No need to eat or drink afterwards. It's fast! If you haven't already made use of the "free" level 55 character for the sake of your professions, you should certainly give it a try for the sheer fun of it.