Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 20, 2008
If you're going for a job interview anytime in the near future, "don't" tell him you play World of Warcraft.

Why not?

Well, aparently some head-hunters have been told to avoid recruiting people who play World of Warcraft. How silly is that!

There've been other news posts in the past exclaiming how some of the people with top-job functions have played World of Warcraft for a good while, even been guild leaders. Even how WoW can teach players project and time management skills that they might otherwise not learn in school. (Strange, but, ok.)

So, if you were to apply to a job there, you're not likely to get hired because some head-hunter's boss has the notion that all gamers are slackers. Pfff. Where DO they get these ideas?

Update: Turns out the story was in fact wrongly interpreted by a large number of news sites, and cascaded across the internet as a result. See here for details.

Original src: / (Dutch sites).
Also see: Geekologie on the same subject, werblog games as social software and warcraft identity.

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    Poll end

    How fast did you reach level 80?

  • Less than 3 days - 7 (3%)
  • Under a week - 44 (24%)
  • Under 2 weeks - 39 (21%)
  • Under 3 weeks - 19 (10%)
  • I'm taking it slow - 72 (39%)

    Some interesting numbers. A lot who want to reach level 80 fast have done so in under 2 weeks (83 : 45%), then there's a large gap of about 7 days for 10%, and all the rest are taking longer 39%.

    Another poll then

    How much time do you spend in raids each week? 10 man, 25 mans, either.

    Myself, I'm in a raid group around 3 hours 5 days of the 7 day week. Usually more. Some may spend even more time, some less. How about you?

    Anonymous said...

    Profs poll is leaving out jc?

    bbr said...

    Ah so it is... My bad, too late to change it now though.

    ClassicEnergy said...

    I suggest you read that and edit your post :)

    bbr said...

    Added an update.
    Cheers :P