Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008
Alright, progress update: We've been mostly working on the 25-man version of Naxx, but since the lag on the thaddius fight is SO RIDICULOUSLY bad, and the fight seems to be quite tightly tuned, we've not managed to properly take that guy down yet. Other guilds on aszune are complaining about the exact same thing, so at least we know it's not just us having the problem. Over the weekend, and last night we figured the 10 man naxx needed a proper cleaning as well. And so we did. Sadly his reach doesn't seem to glow when enchanted... lame.
  • Naxx25 : In progress
  • Trade skills : In progress
  • Alts : In progress, slowly
  • Kalu'ak reputation : In progress
  • Frenzyheart reputation : In progress. The blue item is pretty cool.
  • Sons of Hodir reputation : In progress
  • Video card problems : Not so much in progress. Huh, video card problem? What are you talking about? Well, here's a few pics to give you an idea.
    The problem usually occurs after an hour or two (weekends are funfunfun playing like this!) and the symptoms change every few minutes. It's probably overheating, but since the pc is starting to get rather old (going 5-6 years now) it's getting time to replace the whole thing anyway. So, that's in progress, sorta. Achievements 25 tabards, should be doable right? It's a bit tricky though. You need a lot of different tabards, and to get some you have to go all the way to exalted. Getting Exalted with all 4 battlegrounds.. no thanks. There also seems to be a bug with the loremaster / explorer tabards, they don't count when you pick them up from the mail. You'll have to page a GM to get them added to your total. There's a nice list on the wowhead page, which basically shows you that there's:
  • 12 tabards from TBC factions to be had at exalted. (one extra if you're crazy enough to get both scryers and aldor)
  • 4 tabards added at honored for the WotLK factions.
  • 4 from "other" sources
  • 5 from PvP
  • 1 from a quest for each faction. Only for blood elf / draenei it seems.
  • 2-3 from achievements.
  • 8 from the damn loot cards
  • 4 that are no longer available Here is the full list. So, in theory, even without the 8 from the loot cards it should be quite possible to get that achievement. 28-32 tabards, or 40 if you get all the loot cards. That's a lot of faction grinding though... Especially the PvP ones can be quite dull. The only really annoying part of this achievement, is that you can't see which ones you've already got unless you keep them all in your bank. Fat chance at that. Linky Here's an interesting link to wow-achievements. It shows the players in the world with the highest achievement points. It was bound to be done sometime or other, but there's a lot of people with over 6000 points already, even one with 6365 already... Go outside and see the sun sometimes... Also, WowJutsu has been updated. It's still showing the same weird inaccuracies as before, but it's still interesting to keep around. Same for wowrankings and even wowprogress. Funny You ever seen the "carebears"? If you're an average 14 year old you may be thinking I'm talking about PvE.. Well you'd be wrong. Look it up. For all you slightly older readers, here's a hilarious link. The comic is called Bear Nuts and it's basically a carebears parody. Notice the icons on their front. Also worth checking out is Nerf Now, it's a comic which focuses on games as well. Starcraft and team fortress among others. Be warned, it might not be suited for the very young readers. Not like you care though right? Ah, and do you remember Mr.T's night elf mohawk? Well, he enjoys Flavourwave too. I pity the fool who eats frozen food.

    Anonymous said...

    The Flavourwave infomercial is, well, oh Mr. T, what can i say!!!

    I do love Mr. T though. i just got his voice on My GPS from They do real celebrity voices for GPS. It is a lot of fun have T tell me to "Turn left fool!"

    You should watch this: Mr. T vs Gary Busy in the presidential election debate:

    bbr said...

    Heh, that's pretty cool.