Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009
A recent personnel advert from Blizzard brought to light something interesting. They're working on a fifth game currently. Five, what? Up till now it was already known that blizzard is "currently" working on four projects. Namely: * Diablo 3 * Starcraft II * The next World of Warcraft expansion. (Maelstrom probably) * Project Hydra, some next gen MMO. And now, a fifth, yet undisclosed project has been announced. More details will undoubtedly come from their PR guys soonish. The new project is likely another MMO of sorts, as Blizzard is currently using the World of Warcraft engine to test it. Who knows, World of Starcraft? Mind, they ARE working on a new engine specifically for the new game, but still interesting that they're using the WoW engine for testing purposes. In short, Blizzard is currently working on no less than two MMOs. Source: Related:


Melaisis said...

UNIVERSE of Starcraft. ;)