Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009
Three updates in only a few days, no I'm not sick and working at home, tempting as the thought may be with the number of hours of sleep I had yesterday.

But anyway, some of you who followed the whole MMOC vs WoR thing that's been going on for a few years "may" have noticed the person known as Teza, who has been working for/with World of Raids for a good time has no longer been updating any news on the WoR front page. Instead, some dude named Kody has taken over that torch. Maxime "Teza" Perignon quit posting on WoR early november and has been working on a new project since.

A new project?! Dear BBR, please tell us what may this project be?

Well, I received a notification from Teza this weekend informing me of his new site called.... /drumroll

WoW Raid

It's a clean, fast loading site with no baggage and a good deal of features to start off with. One of the early posts stating WTF is wowraid? pretty much sums up all the main features. For example there is a blue-post tracker that'll show all the interesting bits of blue text snatched right from the official forums while filtering all the random ascii art and spam that normally occurs there.

As well as a Guild recruitment tool where you can, well, lets just say it won't make you coffee and croissants. Obviously it's a tool you can use to look for new recruits for your guild.

More tools (especially for raiders) are promised to arrive on the site in the near future. Add the site to your bookmarks and keep a close eye on them.