Thursday, June 04, 2009

June 04, 2009
No need for a huge post about this (heading for bed anyhow), but I just opened up a forum. Could be useful in the long run. It'll need a better theme, and a lot of settings. And I'm not even sure whether it's properly sending account activation emails ^,^

So, if anyone wants to give it a try for me, would be nice.

Note, for ease of access I also added a link to the forum in the navigation bar here.

Edit 2: New forum link instead of the one posted earlier. It'll have some small google ads later, but honestly this was the best I could find for now. If the forums prove popular enough I can sort out a paid version later. For now, this will do. Go register and voice your opinion! I know, empty forums are scary 'n all.


MarcusMaximi said...

Gave it a little test, no activation email.

bbr said...

Yeah, I tried with 2 different email accounts as well. No show.

I've mailed the host to see what they can find.
Hopefully It'll be sorted today.