Saturday, August 01, 2009

August 01, 2009
Banned? huh?? No, don't worry, not from WoW. Though I'm not quite actively playing right now. Patch 3.2 might see me doing some activity again, but until then, meh. "One" of my image hosts apparently decided I was using too much bandwidth, and subsequently BANNED me and deleted the pictures without even bothering to tell me why or giving a warning. unlimited imagehosting. Unlimited, yeah right. Bastards. They took down the two RRVS comic previews I had on the blog here... But at least there's always the Drunk Duck version for that: RRVS comic. As for other image hosting, Image Frog :) In fact, ImageFrog is better than ImageShack. No bloody pop-ups that I've seen yet, which is a BIG plus. And photobucket isn't bad either. Pictures The weather today was great, and I borrowed a camera, so... I grabbed my bike and went outside (o m g) where I took some pictures of the world outside my house and around town. As well as some crafting with metal rings that I do so and then. Patch! Or not... Last week Blizzard shut down the PTR servers, and after some murmuring among the players this would make us think that "the patch" should be arriving this tuesday/wednesday. Sadly, this doesn't appear to be the case. A new build has been posted, version 10192. Which means that even with having 2 parts of the patch already, the final 3.2 updater is still at least a week away. Also, blizz quote: We plan to begin collecting non-personal system specifications data from all World of Warcraft players again in the very near future. Players who have not merged their World of Warcraft account with a account will see a message stating, "Submitting non-personal system information". However, those who are playing with a account will not see this message even though the system data is being gathered. This process will run for approximately one week. Please also rest assured that this data survey will have absolutely no affect on gameplay. If you are wondering why they are doing this... Presume you haven't attached your account to your WoW account yet. Not a big issue, I'm sure plenty of people haven't bothered doing that yet. However, if you just got yourself keylogged (Trojan virus, fake scam mail, whatever, they got your password and you were an idiot for allowing them to get it) and you don't have a blizzard authenticator yet... Well, these days the evil hackers have found a new way to prevent you from getting your account back. They will attach your WoW account to "their" account. Allowing them easy access for many days without worry of you being able to change your password back with the use of the "secret question". Indeed, you just got screwed good. You'll need to phone blizzard, wait seven days, send a picture of your CD box with the code clearly visible, wait for the mail, wait for blizzard some more, wait for emails... All the while Mr.Scammer is having fun using your account to scam other people, spread more trojans, and steal all your gold and gear. Don't you just love being uninformed? Well, now you can protect yourself from such evils. * Step one: Don't download crap from weird sites. It's the best protection really. * Step two: In case it's not entirely your own fault, there's always silly things like other sites getting hacked, and trying to infect you with a trojan. * Step three: Install a damn virus stanner. Even if you don't want to pay for one, at least get a decent free one like AVG. * Step four: If all else fails, buy an authenticator from Blizzard. It'll make logging into your account a lot harder, since any would be hacker will now also need a randomly generated 6-8 digit code to get into your WoW account. * Step five: Go to and merge your WoW account into your account before "they" do it for you. You'll be able to download WoW any time, even StarCraft if you got a legitimate cd-key as well as diablo. Plus you'll probably need it for StarCraft II and Diablo III later as well. Which brings us to the poll. Poll End A few days early, but that's alright. Have you EVER bought gold? * Yes - 20 (16%) * No - 104 (83%) 16%, that's a staggering result. 16% of all voters are too fucking lazy to grind their own gold, which might translate to some 10% of the wow players. Sad days. It's not like it's hard to get gold either. Ah well, lets hope it was a one time thing. Surely in WotLK you don't even need gold anymore, as it just comes falling from the sky in the form of daily quests and huge loads of boss drops. And thus, the new question for this month: * Have you merged your WoW account and account yet? Well, have you?


Anonymous said...

Hold it right there, sport.

20 people vote "yes" in a poll, those 20 votes happen to make 16% of the total voters.

That is NOT a large enough pool to base your "16% of all wow players" statement on. I find it a rather insulting conclusion.

bbr said...

There was a research posted on wow insider which claimed about 1 in 10 players to have bought gold at some point or other. So it's actually fairly close for such a small poll number.

Still, I edited it to be a bit less directive.

warcraft blog said...

great post! looking forward to more!