Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010
The second contest! As you were informed last week. However... There isn't just one book available. There's a whole three up for grabs. It's pretty simple, and all you need to enter is an e-mail address. And, there's the added need to be living in the USA or Canada as well. Or knowing someone reliable with a USA/Canadian postal address. In order to make you put in a "little bit" more effort than the last contest we'll start you off with a question. It shouldn't be too hard to find out if you've done any reading up on the Starcraft background story. Q: What is the original name of the Queen of Blades? Just mail your answer to bbr_tkihotmaildotcom . And please make sure to put "SC2 Book Contest" in the subject line. The deadline is June 30'th 2010. Any emails beyond that date will be quite simply too late! The book As an added bonus, and to get your reading tastes ready you may enjoy some of the teasers: * PDF snippet. * Audio snippet. If you don't believe in contests, or simply down on luck regardless. * Premium edition hard cover. * Paperback edition. Tell your friends So, to reiterate. * Mail me the original name of the "Queen of Blades". * Have a USA/Canadian post address. * ? * Profit! Win one of three free books. Pretty straightforward right? Winners will be randomly picked using /roll 1-X like last time. I think that worked pretty well. If you win, I'll ask you for your postal address info so no need to send it over on the first mail. If you don't win, better lucky next time. Entrants attempting to sign up using multiple email addresses will be disqualified ;)


WoW Professions said...

I felt sorry when Kerrigan was surrounded by the Zerg in Starcraft 1 and that meanie commander... (DuGalle I think was his name) left her to die.

But she became the Queen of Blades and seeks vengeance!