Saturday, May 07, 2011

May 07, 2011
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So, I was lazy and snagged an image at random. It still serves the same purpose.
Yahoo is bad. Evil even. A filthy large corporation that abuses the stupidity of the common user to it's own ends. And rather poorly at that.

(Yeah this is one of those random rants)

Many years ago on a different computer, probably this one, I installed the yahoo messenger because well certain people didn't use ICQ and MSN just wasn't "that hot" in America. I suspect it still isn't. MSN is big in europe, Yahoo is big in the USA, and ICQ is just an empty shell with BLOODY AWFUL customer support that, indeed, was taken over by yahoo at some point in history. Goes to see how all evil things are linked.

So about yahoo, why is is bad you ask?
Well, for starters they will install unwanted software on your computer. Adware, spyware, bloated junk of all sorts that you will not want anywhere NEAR your computer. Yet there it is ready to install as soon as you try to install anything they offer in .exe format. Enabled by default on any assorted software and no way to uncheck it.
Back then when I installed the messenger it gave me some kind of "yahoo mail" as well, and there was no way I was able to get rid of it. It showed up in the installed software list, you could try to uninstall it... But it wouldn't go. Filthy software. Nowadays they will try to install some completely useless toolbar into your IE or firefox browser.
I assure you, that is the LAST thing you want to install.

If you are looking for a good way to chat with friends... well I'm not going to recommend trillian or MSN to you. Certainly not ICQ, and no way in hell will I tell you to get AOL AIM.
So what should you get? I don't know really, you tell me.
Currently I'm using Pidgin, which works and connects to people using all the most common protocols much like trillian.

At any rate, another reason why yahoo is an evil, filthy BAD company that you should boycott whenever you see a chance to do so is this. A week or two ago I sent an email to someone using a yahoo address. Now you'll say "well there is your problem", but seriously I haven't had any yahoo spam on that email in YEARS for as far as I can tell. And yet, no more than 10 minutes after I sent that person an email. *poof* A newsletter from yahoo arrives.
Suspicious? Yes, yes indeed. Those assholes actually had the guts to send me spam for emailing one of their members? Seriously, what the F yo.