ICQ, still not really

About 5 or so years ago, probably more, my ICQ got hacked. I told you about this before. I didn't have the original email anymore, and was thus unable to get the password back.

I've mailed ICQ support for about two weeks straight and they... well... ARE COMPLETELY RETARDED UP TO THE POINT THAT I'D GO THERE WITH A GUN AND KILL STUFF...

But anyway... I've finally got back my email address! Originally I abandoned it, as it was receiving 200 spam messages a day. It later got closed down due to inactivity, then taken up by somebody else who abused it for sending spam. Hotmail then closed the account permanently, or so they said.

Just for the heck of it, i figured i'd try the password recovery thing again today, and it gave me a curious message different from before. So I tried to register a new account under the same name, and,,, it actually worked! However...... the password recovery tool tells me the following :

Sorry, we cannot send your password to: (my email here)
Make sure you enter the complete email address as it appears in your ICQ
You may also try to enter a different email address that you previously
entered in your ICQ details.

Somebody give me a gun and tell me their address?
Or at least their email address.

I tried : webmaster, support, support10 and even Pniyot_shonot@icq.com but they no longer seem to be working. They used to... So i can only presume they completely closed down all email support. Which was probably located in india to begin with. I need to contact these fuckers somehow, but i can't for the life of me figure out how.

I want my short number back, even if I'll never use it again.


  1. ICQ, Inc.
    22000 AOL Way
    Dulles, VA 20166

    Don't have a gun, sorry :P

    BTW, not to be a nitpicker but you spelt IQC not ICQ in the first sentence.

  2. Dah, shall fix that. Normally google picks up the worst of the spelling errors.

  3. Do people still use ICQ? I haven't used that in a while...


  4. I suspect some may still use it, though nowhere near as many as before.

    Ultima online players still do i'm sure.

  5. icq was so much better than most of the messengers today,msn/yahoo,etc
    real time chating,i remember chating in real time with 2 friends lot of fun,we later became real life best friends which was all thanks to the icq.
    resumes for file transfers was another great thing,sending something over,and your friend could log a week later and download it in several parts.
    a main thing,practically ALL the people registered in it with their real names and they had just one account,renewed with the versions changing the number but still keeping their real names.so it was fun and easy to find for example "that" girl from the school you didnt know how to talk to her in person and search her in icq,and say things more comfortably :) or to your favorite star :)
    i mean msn had it in the beginning,but today people have a lot of emails and not with their real names.and also the directory its not quick as it was with icq.
    also the sms thing,but this one i didnt really use at all cause in that time (98-2002 or so) i didnt use cell all day like today,it was like a wireless phone to me,cause the size was as big as the other :P and the use was in fact the same.
    sadly with the years,since 2000 icq started to be dangerous,one guy at my high school said.. "do you have icq?" yes,i answered.then he said "hehe so i will hack you" that pissed me off and i ended not logging to it anymore.
    But sometimes i still log onto it hoping to find some friends of high school that i don't see often in person,very few of them use it today,ive seen one or two in the last 5 years.

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