Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25, 2008
Introducing "Rampage the Comic", as written and drawn by Lilgekko. (One of our raid members) This is a first attempt. Colored versions may be added at a later date. This is basically a beta version for preview.

I know you're all spoiled rotten with higher quality comics like Dark Legacy, Chidori, Cru or teh gladiators. But all comics start somewhere.

Click image for large version.

Based on true events, no joke...

And even the first fanart, by Gnomestomper. (the same guy who edited the rrvs banner)

Link to our forums.
More comics will be released later, stay tuned!


Also, two more very interesting WotLK screenshots. By cronin from the aszune forums.

Frostmourne looks quite simply amazing.

Be sure to keep an eye on and Wikidot for more info.
Noggaholics has added a large number of new screenshots as well!

And some more here

Also, a new Tier 7 movie :


Anonymous said...
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bbr said...

Offensive remarks as such are pretty much out of place here.
Not everyone is going to be able to draw full HD CGI on their first attempt. If you feel you can do better, by all means have at it.

His work will improve over time, he's young, he's learning, and having fun while making something for the guild.

Amy said...

My drawing ability leaves *much* to be desired, the quality of drawings will come with practice, but something that should be looked into is the lack of movement, adding in more varied poses will probably make the comics look a lot better!

Ps. was that a human in hunter gear? Okay obviously missing the glow they are meant to have (unless green squares are all the rage now?) but still they could have put a race that could actually wear the stuff in the movie ^-6

I'm trying to avoid looking at too much WoTLK stuff during the alpha tests, as everything is subject6 to change, but still what I have seen is looking nice, armor sets included.

Anonymous said...

Omg! You ninja'd my WotLK screenshots! Being, thats me in the pictures! Hehe.

bbr said...

I figure you'd prefer to remain somewhat anonymous.
But i'll add credits.

At least it got you to come view the site :P

Anonymous said...

My name is in one of the screenshots, so can't remain anonymous even if I wanted too ;)