Monday, May 05, 2008

May 05, 2008
Firstly, i removed the script. It was slowing down our load time too much. Let me know if any of you notice a difference between now, and last week before the layout change.

The big banner in the top has been reduced from 117k to 33k so this should improve the average load time as well.

Wowhead item links are working again. It seems to have broken down during the upgrade.

Highlights tab put to better use, and thus the interface is again a bit cleaner.

Blogroll link moved to the top of the first navigation panel. It seemed a good spot for it.

Entrecard is up and running again, they appear to have had some server issues recently.
If you got a wow or gaming related blog, read this, and go register or something. I'm working on a project for total world domination, and it requires me to put a banner or link on your blog. So help a guy out, world domination isn't something that's easy to do on your own ya know?

Season 4

The Season 4 items are getting data mined further and further. Currently both MMOC and WoR have a nice list of items up for display. Be sure to hop over and drool over the shiny objects you probably will never wear or even see worn on anyone except those guys that keep beating you in the arena.

The 1H weapons will be 107.9, while the 2H weapons will be 140.5 and... require a pretty high rating of no less than 2050. But you knew this already, right?

One interesting bit that you may have missed, is that there's going to be no 2H weapons especially made for hunters. Wuh? Indeed. Hunters will get a MH and OH axe, which although cheap, will require them to have 2050 rating for those weapons. So don't expect to get those easily for your alt.

At the same time blizzard is going to implement some further restrictions which should make cheating the system a lot harder *cough*not really*cough*. But we all know there'll still be players selling rating boosts even in S4 just like they were in S3, alts getting boosted, teams exchanging wins at 3am server time, and so on, and so forth. Just like there will always be people AFK during Alterac Valley.

Le sigh.

Hopefully we can get some more work done on Illidan soon. At least he has got some nice shiny objects that are actually worth having.

Not that the PvP gear would be bad to have, but there's something to be said about earning your gear by actually going into a dungeon with 24 other people and working for it.

PS : Cru the Dwarf did an update. I'm surprised neither MMOC or WoR is posting about him yet. Good comic, go read it.


Unknown said...

This is the author of Cru the Dwarf. Thank you for your support. It would be nice if mmo-champ or some other sites would pick up on my comic, but it is still young. I do regular updates every 2 days (3 at most)at 12 midnight pacific time.