Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22, 2012
Alright, so the end of the world did not happen, doesn't mean the Mayans were wrong, just means there's more idiots in the world who'll take any excuse they can find to be a doomsayer.

I've been working on a nice big list of DTL features - for those who've been using it. You can view the sources and issue tracker on GitHub, and you can download the compiled binaries from Google Code.

New features 1.0.9

* Increase/decrease difficulty buttons added to main interface.
* Main interface slightly narrowed, to allow more room for the second data view panel.
* Fixed a number of missing popup button descriptions.
* The bar is now filled with random patrons.
* Added "Active zone" to dynamic data view, which will show the dynamic data for the current parent zone and it's sub locations.
* Last visited zone (for use with "Active zone") is now remembered between sessions.
* Last used dataview combobox row is now remembered between sessions.
* The webbrowser is now "silent". Meaning, the occassional javascript error you might get upon launch will no longer occur.
* Added ability to call 'Soul Stealer', 'Flaming Weapon', 'Legendary Luck' and 'Reaper' immortal powers from the menu for a single character.

Preference Dialog(F11):
* Added option to "warn on bursting souls", you will get a red "Souls!" text under the FAQ button warning you your stolen souls are about to burst free.
* Options dialog redesigned. It now uses a tabbed interface.
* Added "Dynamic Data view" option. Which adds the ability to view the best two hunting columns for each subzone in the selected or recent zone. This option is enabled by default, you can disable it in the options.
* Made cube delay a preference between 200-5000ms - experiment at your own risk.
* Referral ID made into preference. Share DTL with your friends!

Data analysis dialog (F9):
* Added option to show the best 2 creatures to hunt for each location instead of all creatures. This option is enabled by default.
* Added option to sort the "best 2" columns by kill % or by creature type.
* Added option to hide "beer dragon realms" data. Set this option in the preferences dialog. This option is enabled by default.