Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31, 2013
Ok, so I'm totally slacking off currently. I bet some were hoping for a post more recently than this one - or some won't care much.

At any rate, I've been busy with an assortment of the following - in no particular order:
* iOS Games: Dark Summoner, Lies of Astaroth, Clash of Clans, Tiny Tower and a bunch more.
* Guild Wars 2. Though not as much as of late. funny but not quite fully accurate.
* Girlfriend! <3
* Work.
* Expanding the Dark Summoner Wiki.  Nearing 10.000 edits (I can mostly thank the auto parser I wrote for that though) XML imports are awesome!
* Ebooks, reading. Anyone finished the Dune series? It's awesome. Currently doing The Vampire Chronicles. Not that pissy 50 shades junk or sparkly vampire crap, but the proper "interview with the vampire" thing and it's follow ups.

Personally I'm quite done with Diablo 3, and it seems out of the 12+ million copies sold, less than 1 million players are currently active... Funny, in this case it IS accurate. Also see Auction house hurt the game,. well yeah,. duh? Why bother going out there and finding your own items, when the best items can be bought. The only way they can fix that mess now, is by adding new, bigger and better bind on pickup / bind on account items.