Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April 28, 2020
Alright, let's kick things up a notch.

For those who still occasionally drop by the blog here - thank you! Obviously there's something here you're still reading, or somehow found it. It hasn't been too active the last few years, because well,. life, attention span, other games. Whether you're here for the ole rants, guides or the memories from the era of WoW it's all good. 

The blog is obviously not going anywhere in terms of shutting down. Unlike many webcomics seem to have been doing over the last few years,. RIP. But my current focus in case you're interested is in GGPlayers. In case you're wondering the group (at time of writing) is around 600 players/members large, and has been growing steadily every week.

GGP's focus is in gaming reviews - of which I will certainly be posting a good few, and giveaways - much like we used to do a short while every saturday. GGP however puts up a LOT more games than I could possibly manage on my own, and there's a few people working on the site aside myself. You're more than welcome to drop by www.GGPlayers.com and join for a good chance at winning some new stuff for your steam library. We've also got a steam group named GGPlayers HQ where we'll drop news of said giveaways, as well as a Curator Page for the game reviews.

Don't be shy, come 'n say hi.