Sunday, July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021

 I'm happy to announce and post the first inaugural community content recap for GGPlayers. This will be a weekly collaboration for you to show off your work and content - whether it be videos, your streams, your pictures, your art, your screenshots - anything befitting our community!

To join in, follow our discord link at and post your a link to what you want features in the channel called #community-content­čÄČ. It has an 8 hour cooldown and it would be nice if you try to keep it to one post per day. 

A few restrictions: 

  • If you've got a stream, we're not posting a link to your stream 7x on the same day on the site obviously. We'll do a little bit of filtering.
  • No NSFW.
  • Anything that isn't ok to post on the Discord (read our rules carefully about what is and is not appropriate), doesn't go on the site either.

Look for these posts every Sunday from now on as part of your regularly scheduled GGP content.

 We want your content. Shared together. Let's come together as part of a community.

On to this week's recap! Let me introduce you to some faces!

Pretty Little Monsters

We are huge fans of animals at GGP so why not start with our moderator Nora's new cat feeder? She has an amazingly fluffy Instagram for her cats Oliver and Timriv that can be found here and I'm sure there will be more content to come. She got a new cat feeder and Oliver can be seen using it here in this post, click the link for more pics!

Nora explains: "It reads the chip he has in his neck and opens when he goes under it. I get a miauw on my phone when he is finished and I can see how much he ate and when!" How cute!

If you have pet pics or just love pets in general, don't forget we have teams for that on our Discord you can join in #welcome-info at the top!

JapaniKatti's Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1

Long-time friend of the community, JK, had streamed the entirety of TWD Season 1 and the 400 Days DLC on her Twitch and uploaded it to her YouTube for us lovely viewers. I watched it personally and her series is full of laughs, heartbreak, and of course spoilers. Even if you've played or watched before I recommend it. First episode embedded below and link to full playlist here.

Bordeaux and Bottled Tastes

Bordeaux is a new dad but he doesn't let that keep him from staying busy in the community. He is going to be Operations & Community Specialist for G.Round, a play test community where they feature 2-4 free indie games a week where people leave reviews on and fill out a survey submitted by the game studios. More on that to come! He's a big supporter of indie devs. He also has been busy within the Indie Game community for the last year, writing about indie games for his very own website This week in our community content channel, he shared his list on the DreamHack Beyond Steam demos and games via his steam curator located here.

Want Some of BAE's Bread?

For something a little less serious, check out this delicious slab of food porn BAE shared with us. We will not be sharing his full description because, well, it's BAE, but he goes on to say, "I made bread yesterday. It's white. Audible sound when sliced. Do recommend." Well, recommend you guys share more home-cooked food with us.