Sunday, July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021

Monday, July 19th – Sunday, July 25th

The theme was NEON of our Discord community event!
Like always there was a vote in the Discord to decide the theme.
And it had a special twist! If "food" was also in the picture and you were in the top 3 you would get extra points!

Ahem ahem ahem!
To all participants, Congratulations!
To all non-participants, also congratulations! (and be sure to participate next week!)

Here are the WINNERS!!!

Winner of 1000 XP – Xeloses

By Xeloses

Winner of 750/2 XP – Gina & Sylvia

By Gina

By Sylvia

Winner of 500/3 XP – JapaniKatti, BAE & ZoKo

By JapaniKatti


By ZoKo

Voting for the next event theme is going on NOW in the GGP discord, so check it out and cast your vote!

Hope to see you soon!