The Wizard class (a pure caster as predicted) has been revealed for diablo 3. As well as a cinematic trailer. Be sure to check it out, nice special effects ;)

A report of Day 1 of (3?) of Blizzcon 2008 is viewable at MMOC. Displaying the contents of this year's goodie bag (an inflatable frostmourne,, seriously..), which among things contains the code for the blizzard bear. Which is basically a rideable polar bear with a signpost on it's back.

I could repost more of that, but MMOC is basically where you'll be able to find most of the Blizzcon information. Not much point in simply reprocessing the same thing is there? Lots of screenshots as well. Hopefully a few more juicy bits will be arriving in the next days of Blizzcon.

Rogue updates?

Not a huge lot of amazing interest going on in the rogue wotlk area the last few days. Which is obviously... well, I'm sure you can imagine how the rogue class thinks about the lack of attention.


The cold weather flying quest is being removed before release. Instead you'll probably pay 1.000 gold or something along those lines for the privilege. It's a shame really, the quest looked to be quite interesting.

Content updates

Patch 3.0.2 is the first you'll see, hopefully this very tuesday / wednesday. 3.0.3 will come soon after and will update some of the achievement tracking for the Temple of AQ and c'thun loot. In 3.1 things will get interesting as it's already DONE according to blizzard. This patch will bring us Ulduar. 3.2 "when it's done" will add another 10+25 man raid instance, yet to be announced. And finally 3.3 which is at some point in the far away future of mid 2009 will bring us the Icecrown Citadel as well as a continuation on the Ashbringer storyline. I'm sure that'll please some of the lore geeks among you. Personally I'm just thinking "big orange two hander", but hey, nobody is perfect right?

Linky Linky

If you hadn't noticed yourself by now, I'll just take the liberty to alert you to the AddThis buttons in the topright area where the RSS feed links are located. I figure these would make it easier to add the link to whichever RSS reader you use. The regular feedburner link is still there as well, so no harm there.


Another poll has reached it's (nearly) ending date. Which raid dungeons do you hope to finish before 3.0.2 begins? Or, have you finished so far?

And, the results are in, fairly predictable even:

  • Karazhan - 316 (91%)
  • Gruul's Lair - 279 (80%)
  • Magtheridon - 261 (75%)
  • Zul'Aman - 224 (64%)
  • Serpent Shrine - 171 (49%)
  • The Eye - 159 (45%)
  • Hyjal - 148 (42%)
  • Black Temple - 126 (36%)
  • Sunwell - 43 (12%)

    The earlier poll is still open, be sure to add your mark. I suppose a new question needs to be added as well.


    Alright here's one, which playstyle do you enjoy the most?
    Melee / DPS / Ranged / Healer / Tank?

    Multiple choice is available.

    1. Whould realy like the ashbringer. Whould be my second legendary :D

    2. You're running behind then, i already got 2 :P

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