Saturday, August 08, 2009

August 08, 2009
Also see Blizzard's Patch Notes for 3.2 All servers patched, and most of your addons broke down again. Go figure. If you haven't installed the patch yet, Wirebrain has a very fast mirror. wowwiki also has a list of more. So much to do T_T I'll go ahead and bother you with a little to-do list again. Call of the Crusade You got a letter in the mail, there's new quests, and a new set of instances. Sadly the bosses are pitifully weak and released "1 per week", with heroic mode not being available until after 5 weeks. Go there, pick up the quests. Children's non-week Dalaran has a children's week matron in the south area of the city. She gives two quests (only one you can pick up) for either an oracles or frenzyheart pet. You'll receive the pet in the mail once you return the pet to her. Professions Oh boy, oh boy, lots of new stuff for professions. Checking my main, and alts, it turns out some of the skills are still a bit low... * Zurgat - Engineering: 490 * Arthul - Jewelcrafting: 429 * Geshrat - Mining: 430 Plenty of Saronite and mining later sorted them all to 450, but still, took a bit. Bought some of the new gem patterns, and received a free +5 jewelcrafter's tokens in the mail. This way I can at least make the epic gems for my main without having to bother others for that. Arthul: * Design: Nightmare Tear * Design: Deadly Ametrine * Design: Shifting Dreadstone * Design: delicate Cardinal Ruby I should really go and do Sunstrider isle with that guy sometime and complete his collection. Jeeves! Easy to farm, but the pattern is Bind on Pickup so you will have to get it yourself. It can drop off any mechanicals lvl 70+ in northrend, including bosses. You do however have to dismantle them, so make sure your engineering skill is high enough. I think it took me some 30-40 kills near the Colossus in Storm Peaks. Next up: * Train the new gem transmutes on alchemist - done. * Replace engineering glove enchant - todo. * Replace engineering cloak enchant - done. * Replace engineering boot enchant - done. * Make a mind control hat - todo. * Craft a wormhole - done. * Craft Jeeves - done. More stuff to do * Admire the new druid cat/bear form art - done. * Try the new battleground - todo. * Train axe skill on rogue - done. * Raise axe skill to 400.... - to do... * Rant on MMOC about hackers stealing my herbs/ore from underground - done. * Complain on MMOC about the new auto complete feature in mail and chat - done. * Install OldMailMenu addon to circumvent autocomplete mail crap - done. * Buy the new 60% undead mounts - todo. * Build two engineering helicopters with the reduced materials - todo. * Set talents for all alts that got their talents reset - todo. * Update ALL addons that need updating - todo. * Delete vendor price addon - todo. * Disable showing ilvl in addons, and enable it in the blizzard interface - todo. * Lower shadow detail because all shadows are suddently flickering like a spaz in a strobe light - done. WTF is up with that? * Visit the ravasaur trainer and go grind a new mount - todo. * Check all alt-banks and "restack" potions to save space. Awesome! - done. * Spend some badges of heroism to get the new Hierloom chest piece for an alt - done. * Enchant the Hierloom chest with +4 stats - done. * Buy the Hierloom northrend flying tome for all 6 of the lvl 70+ alts - done. * Farm an Arconite Dragonling - STILL todo... * Farm a Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Superior Impact - still todo. Have you laid out your plans for the next week yet?


Anonymous said...

I don't raid anymore, so patches ultimately don't offer much for me. I did the Crusader grind in 3.1 and was able to buy a sweet Dragonhawk mount when the patch went live. On my engineer toon I grinded robots for a half hour and got the Jeeves plans, I'm just one Titansteel cooldown away from building him. I may grind out some more seals/emblems for heirloom gear, if I decide to roll alts until the next patch/expansion. Or I may put my account on hold for a while.

Ultimately, I get way more excited about new expansions, and I'm anticipating big announcements at Blizzcon in 11 days. I do believe that we'll see new races announced (specifically Goblins and Worgen), and hopefully we'll get an idea of what classes you can roll with each of them, so I don't accidentally start leveling alts with the same classes. I already have an 80 warrior and warlock, and I'm guessing these will be class choices for both races, so I'm already limited in my options. If NPC classes for these races in game are any indication, I'm thinking of rolling a Worgen priest and a Goblin rogue.

(This is all of course assuming that these are in fact the new races, or there are new races at all. We'll hopefully know for sure in less than two weeks)

bbr said...

Not to mention hopefully getting some more info on Diablo 3. SC2 is already marked for 2010 so there's not much more they can tell us in that regard.

Maelstrom is pretty much a given though, but perhaps they've got a surprise for us yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, if MMO-Champion's report on Cataclysm are true, it certainly sounds like it would be in our best interests *not* to level alts waiting for the next expansion!