Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011
Simple, just run a BlizzCon.

502 Bad Gateway

Only took about 15 minutes of half the world hammering F5 F5 F5.

The thing that really got it down though was "Mists of Pandaria is the next WoW Expansion". Oh boy... seems to be having the same issue - gee I wonder why :P

Well, I suspect MMOC will be down for pretty much the rest of the evening unless they invoke the "emergency interface" again, but what I did manage to pick up so far was the following:


* New WoW expansion, "Mists of Pandaria". Talent system will be revamped.
* PoD will not have a "main villain" as we had in WotLK and Cata, but will focus on the Alliance vs Horde war. It seems that idiot leader from Stormwind is going to escalate things after all...
* Diablo 3 will be "free" for people who subscribe to WoW for 12 months. (40 euros one time fee, vs 12x13 euros = over 150 Euro) Bwhahahahah! No really, what? Oh yeah you get a flying tyrael horse mount as a bonus. But seriously, you will be playing Diablo 3. Why on earth would you want a 12 month WoW subscription at the same time? Ridiculous.
* Diablo 3 will be available in a collector's edition box as well.

WoW expansio:

* Level cap: 90 (Expected really)
* New class: Monk (Inspired by the Diablo 3 monk perhaps)
* New race: Pandaren (OK, this, is just gay, lame, stupid, retarded. I hate it, but we'll see how things end up in time.)
* Pve Scenarios (What?)
* Pet Battle System (Got to catch 'em all, yo)
* New continent: Pandaria
* Challenge mode dungeons.

Whole bunch of pictures here once you can get on there.

Utterly ridiculous I say. Disgusted.

* The Pandaren were initially planned to be the Alliance race in The Burning Crusade.
* The Pandaren will be playable by both Alliance and Horde. (Say WHAT? Confusion all around... this was supposed to be a neutral race. But then, so were Goblins.)

Diablo 3

Now this is more like it. Black soulstone.

Speaking of Diablo 3, D3 Markets is a really interesting site to take a look at some time.

Pandaren Racials

Yeah, the sequence of this post is a bit messy, but it'd be weird to add updates in the middle.

* Bouncy: Reduces fall damage by half. (So, they are all rogues in a way)
* Inner peace: Double rested XP. (Even faster leveling,. silly, but I guess expected.)
* Gourmand: +15 to cooking. (Lame and useless, but fits lore I guess.)
* Epicurean: Double stats to food buffs. (That seems rather OP to me... Just imagine your rogue getting +120 Agi instead of +60 from a food buff, quite good overall, but won't compare to specific +5% beasts damage or +5% pet damage that some races have. time will tell I guess.)

And Blizz made an Official Page for the expansion.