Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011
It's not been "all that" long since the previous release, but I figured this is a worthy update. Behold it's awesome glory! v 1.0.5 here Also a quick honorary mention to the Farm-Fresh Icons by FatCow. I've added a good few of those in this version. So the application is looking a lot "better" than before. It's a relatively short update list this time, but all useful stuff. I figured it would be unkind to keep people waiting for a major feature that was announced months ago. Updates in v1.0.5: * Fixed the names of "Temple of Filth", "The Sandy Beggar" and "Den of the Delvisha" in Zones.ini - hope that's the last of them, but can't be 100% sure just yet. * Data analysis dialog(F9) added. You'll be able to find detailed % of which zones have the highest population to hunt. * Added background color preferences(F11) for the data analyzer. Fixed colors for now, but you can change the activation %. * Inventory list by default now sorts the value/weight column instead of the weight column. * Main window tables and Inventory dialog table changed to "read only" - doesn't affect anything but it looked silly if you tried to double click it. * Added lots more icons. And of course "lots more data". But I could add that line to every update :)