Sunday, June 06, 2021

June 06, 2021


Monday, May 31th – Sunday, June 6th

Big things!
That was this weeks theme of our Discord community event!
Like always there was a vote in the Discord to decide the theme.

Ahem ahem ahem!
To all participants, Congratulations!
To all non-participants, also congratulations! (and be sure to participate next week!)

Here are the WINNERS!!!

Winner of 1000XP – JapaniKatti

By JapaniKatti

Winners of 750XP/3 – DriedMango, ZoKo, Smythe
(250XP each)

By DriedMango

By ZoKo

By Smythe

Winners of 500XP/2 – Alex, Storm
(250XP each)

By Alex Green

By Storm

Caught Nora's eye - BAE


BAE said this wasn't an entry, but a thank you to the community.

I love y'all. Keep being the awesome bunch of people that you are. Despite Tofu being busy with life, and GGP going into a temporary hiatus, please don't change. I've met plenty of amazing people through GGP, and I want to keep meeting many more.

Well BAE, we also love you and think you deserve a shout-out! You have brought lots of interesting conversations to the community and LOTS of laughs! Thank you for being a valuable member!

Voting for the next event theme is going on NOW in the GGP discord, so check it out and cast your vote!

Hope to see you soon!