Tuesday, August 10, 2021

August 10, 2021

Humble Choice brings you 12 games for a fixed price every month. So, for many people the first Tuesday of the month is Humble Hype day - as a new bundle is released with a semi-random collection of indie games. Sometimes great titles, sometimes less so - but it's generally a pleasant surprise of mixed games for a decent value. Let's look at a few titles for the current month.

In general you'd pay about 9-12$ for 12 games depending on the deal you get from Humble when you pause a month. Otherwise it's around 18$ a month. You can always pause, and see whether you like the games - otherwise they unlock and you can simply claim the whole month and get straight to playing.

This month's titles

I'll keep this list short, and add the video at the end for all the details. The main titles this month seem to be Bloodstained and Superliminal. For myself Out of space, carto and Blue fire look to be the main chunk of "worth playing" for this month. But the others may still surprise you.

- A great metroidvania and one of the main titles for this month

- An average rated early access title MMO

- An overwhelmingly positive narrated puzzle game that will remind you of the portal series, or the stanley parable.

- A fun multiplayer coop game about managing your shared habitation areas.

- A Cooperative 2D game that may remind you of Barotrauma.

- Cute hand drawn puzzle and exploration game.

- Singleplayer strategy, building and survival game.

- Another Early access game, this time a real time strategic game with zombies

- An open world sandbox survival and adventure game

- This is a roguelike deck builder. I'm not sure what to compare it to - certainly not Slay the Spire, which has a similar tag.

- 3D single player action adventure. Lovely graphics, worth checking out if you'd enjoy Hob with less puzzles and more Hack and Slash.

- Point and Click adventure. Nicely drawn, but also a bit drawn out in the tutorial department.


For a more in-depth review about this month, I'd like to present you with the Bombchu crew review. They do a good job at playing all the games for a while and really getting you a good idea of what to expect this month from Humble Choice.