Sunday, August 08, 2021

August 08, 2021


Church playing pee-a-boo with my sister over our stairs.

As we all love pets so much, I feel I want to start off most pets with a pet from now on, so keep them coming!

This week we have my very own black kitten Church. Yes, he's got a spooky name if you're a fan of Steven King novels and no I did not support that name personally, but he's much sweeter than his namesake! He's more like a puppy than a cat and he charms every human he sees.

I'd also like to share a reminder to spay and neuter your pets. Rescue them or only get them from responsible breeders. Church's entry into this world was difficult and we had to bottle feed him when a neighbor removed him from his mum far too early. This could've easily been avoided and I don't recommend treating kittens this way. Look for resources and info in your area on how you can help responsible pet shelters if you're not in the market for a new one yourself.

JK's Steam Profile Art Service

My new profile art (center) courtesy of JK.

Are you looking for new steam profile artwork? JapaniKatti is hooked on making these already and she used me as her first "guinea pig!" I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted but I gave her the idea of "feminine but not too girly, neon, crown, frog, and a background that can go with anything." What she came up with is seriously impressive! But the more specific, the better.

She says you can come up with any theme you want and if you want art that matches your profile background seamlessly and looks like one whole image, she can do that too!

She is looking for trades for games or Team Fortress 2 keys. You can reach her in multiple ways but here is her main method of contact and more examples plus info here at her thread on

PlayingViking Streaming on Twitch

Victorious! Watch the full clip here!

If you have a Switch or are a Pokémon fan, I'm sure you've heard about Pokémon Unite. Viking has recently made a return to Twitch with the new game. Even if you're not familiar with it (it's basically a Pokémon MOBA) or you're unsure, feel free to join the stream and ask questions. Personally, I didn't know the first thing about the game but Viking happily and helpfully explained everything I need to know and I could follow along quite quickly.

We had a good time chatting during his stream about all sorts of topics while he kicked butt with his Alolan Ninetales and his soothing voice put me to sleep, honestly! So come drop a follow on his Twitch and hang out with us next time whether you're looking for banter, excitement (he's quite good at the game if you are familiar with it), or a chill stream to put on in the background. 

Europeans need not worry about not being able to catch him streaming at a good time, and even I was able to catch him in the morning for us in the Western hemisphere!

Closing thoughts

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