Sunday, August 22, 2021

August 22, 2021


Stay tuned at the end of this post for our community event winners! As noted last week, both the community content review and community event submissions will be combined.

 Azure Stars Continues
Here's a hint and preview of some of the reworked race details

Sylvia is plugging away on her original web novel, Azure Stars, and I genuinely urge you to give it a read. For anyone who checked it out last week, she reworked a few things regarding how the fictional species works so check it out for more details! Things got a bit more.. snake-like. I'm sure you'll enjoy this ongoing sci-fi drama about a young Basilosauri woman.
The story will be posted regularly at You can read the first part here. The series is currently on Part 3 with a fourth to be uploaded soon.

PlayingViking Streams on Twitch

As always, be sure to check out our friend Viking on Twitch playing Pokémon Unite! His main is Alolan Ninetails but he also gets in time with other Pokémon including Mr. Mime. His streams are pretty time zone friendly, especially for Europeans, but you can always check out his archived VODs on his channel! Please drop him a follow and join us.

"Onwards to battle!" Viking calls out! Watch him climb closer and closer to Master rank!

MissMijo Streams on Twitch

Speaking of streamers, I'm happy to introduce to you our longtime friend MissMijo! She has a really fun stream you should check out where she often makes crafts and games. This week, she was gluing together a really adorable little RV while the stream chatted. Check out the VOD and drop her a follow here at MissMijo on Twitch!

EX Co Intro

TheEXGamemaster would like to share with us this neat intro they made for their friend. Really cool stuff!

Hitsu Streaming on Our Discord!

Last but not least, join our Discord (here if you haven't already) for ongoing streams by our own Hitsu. He likes to stream VR games including but not limited to Beat Saber! If you're lucky, you might even catch him sneaking in the occasional work stream. Our handsome Finn keeps us entertained no matter what he's streaming by hanging out with us and chatting.

Voted On By You

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for! The community event winners of this week! The event's theme was COMPUTERS AND HARDWARE as voted on by you lovely people in our Discord poll.

Be sure to join and participate if interested! There's still time to vote on next week's topic!

Top winner of 1000 EXP!

Kriss Tone: A cop playing Deus Ex Human Revolution in Murdered: Soul Suspect

Second Place Winners of 375 EXP Each



Third Place Winners of 250 EXP Each


ZoKO (Why did this count? We just love pets I guess xD)

Random Voter Bonus! Urusam: 250 EXP!

See you next week!

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Thanks for being part of what makes this community great! 

Gina out! 💜