Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 04, 2008
I'm going to be cheap and post a reply I did on the MMOC forums, hopefully the info reaches blizzard somehow. Be it trough the official forums, or blue people reading this. Let me know what you think. So, what's wrong with engineering you ask? The only "real" problem currently with engineering, and to some extent tailoring, is the lack of self buffs. Not actual buffs etc, but look at these other professions:
  • Skinning : crit bonus worth about 25 stats
  • Mining : Stamina bonus worth about 25 stat points.
  • Herbalism : Herbalist only herb consumable which gives ~ 32 stats if seen over time-cooldown. Also a small self heal which is awesome.
  • Alchemy : When flasks are used provides ~32 stats more than the default flask.
  • Inscription : ~ 32 stats worth better shoulder enchant
  • Blacksmithing : 2 bonus sockets worth about 32 stats
  • Leatherworking : ~ 32 stats worth better bracer enchant than the default one.
  • Enchanting : 2x16 = 32 stats worth for ring enchants.
  • Jewelcrafting : 3 awesome multicolor jewels which will provide ~ 21-32 stats when socket bonusses are kept in mind. Craftables exist for all professions, most are worse than the ilvl 213 items from heroic raids. Which is fine. However
  • Tailoring : Only ~ 12 stats better cloak enchant than the default
  • Engineering : Glove enchant that's 2 stats WORSE than the maximum available ones. That is the main thing that's bothering me right now about engineering. And I really don't see why blizzard didn't give us something on par with the other professions unless they simply forgot.... As it appears there's awfully few patterns for engineering to begin with. Especially compared to JC and Inscription. Zero rare drops, and no pattern vendor at all. Do we need to wait until patch 3.1 then? Also, the last leveling part from 435-450 is quite silly. Not to mention that there's no goggles available for several class specs. Poll end Poll question : Did your WotLK box arrive on time? Well, did it?
  • Yeah ! :D - 78 (64%)
  • No... :( - 43 (35%) An awful lot who didn't arrive on time. Bad planning, poor delivery service, bad luck? New poll up: What professions does your main have?

    Anonymous said...

    For engineers, don't forget the Hand mounted pyro rocket which looks like it will add some good burst damage for rogues/mages/warriors in certain situations. I honestly think blizzard is treating engineering as a profession that want to take it for "fun" a lot of the items have a chance to fail... where do you see this in other professions? but it's hilarious.

    Now that Blizzard is allowing some of the engineering items to be used in Arenas it will be interesting to see what kind of strategies people can come up with that are unique to their abilities and how they can work together with engineering.

    OwlBoy said...

    Well, maybe they feel the balance is not stat items for them, but rather abilities. Like weapons, and utility items.

    Though if they are lacking in abundance, maybe that is a problem.

    bbr said...

    The hand mounted rocket is pathetic DPS, about 13-18, Simply inferior to the haste enchant.
    And the haste enchant is inferior to what already exists as glove enchants.

    Every single other profession has at least "1" thing that makes it worthwhile to use, and has a stat value equal to about 32 most of the time. Blacksmithing will be more when epic gems are added. Unless of course all the other professions get an overhaul as well then.

    Anonymous said...

    Profession QQ'ing not so different from class QQ'ing. Engineering is hell lot of a fun with their abilities and some items can be a party saver on chance basis. (res?) Rocket may not add on greatly to DPS as you may say in comparison to stats, but for situations like 2V2, depending on your class the extra burst it provides can be significant.

    Exanimo said...

    I've already maxed out Engi.. last levels took me awfully long and if people in the guild weren't after the guns, i would have stopped after i had the level for the Engi goggles (lucky they were available for my class+spec).
    I've used the trinket for a while aswell and the flexweave enchant (parachute cloak) on a level 1 cloak for when i do something that gives me a chance to crater.

    So worth it? Not rly imo.
    They made the bike so extreme expensive that i have no chance in ever getting it and why should i? It's not something typical for engineers anymore, it's just something the rich have.

    I agree.. we could get some more benefit out of it.

    Anonymous said...

    Actually the cloak enchant is worse than the enchanter's haste enchant and our spell thread is only cheaper than the normal spell thread. So yeah tailors got screwed over too.

    What they can do to fix it is that they can allow our enchants to stack with others.

    Anonymous said...

    every profession definitely has their downs unless gathering. Tried Jewel crafting in wrath? have a read the article at wowinsider. So far I like engineering and enchanting most for professions. I've however picked tailoring and enchanting to cover for costs for enchanting matts. If you can keep enchanting up while you level 1-70 it makes your levelling significantly easier because you have blue - epic quality items on green - blue quality items with enchanting. the only downside is that it'll drain your gold... just like most professions (degree of spend differs though)

    Anonymous said...

    My Main (Hunter) is an Engineer also, I chose it mainly for Scopes, Bullets, Goggles & my Roflcopter. Yes, Engineering is a moneypit and most of the good items are BoP, Just like Blacksmithing. But when I was leveling, the Goblin Rocket Launcher, Goblin Land Mines, Exploding sheep... TOO MUCH FUN!

    I'm happy with the Wrath Engineering, Overpriced capacitor... Sold really well for a while, Pickaxe, Hammerpick, Swiss army knife, new goggles, Best Bullets/Arrows currently, awesome variety new scopes, great new tanking gun. Would like to see a new Engineer BoP Mount, Aka the Plane that you ride @ the Airstrip in Borean Tundra. The Motorcycles are Meh, not so special, when you hammer out 13K Gold for the mats