Sunday, May 09, 2021

May 09, 2021


Monday, May 3th – Sunday, May 9th

Wow, another week has passed already! Did also feel so fast to you?

This week the community discord got visited by Angels and Demons!
Some were creepy, some were kind (some even had pancakes!)
And once again people voted for the ones they liked most 😇😈

Ahem ahem ahem!
To all participants, Congratulations!
To all non-participants, also congratulations! (and be sure to participate next week!)

Here are the WINNERS!!!

Winner of 1500 Points – JuKe

By JuKe

Winner of 1000 Points – Kriss ✠ Tone

By Kriss ✠ Tone

Winners of 500 Points – Xeloses & JapaniKatti

By Xeloses
By JapaniKatti

So you may have noticed that I sometimes choose to light out an entry that I feel deserves some extra recognition.
The reason for choosing the following entry is because it shows that Angels and Demons CAN find common ground and sit at the same table thanks to the power of pancakes!ğŸ¥ž


Winner of catching Nora’s eye – Sylvia

By Sylvia
Hope to see you soon!