2.4 is here!

MMOC lists that there's a patch today if you're from the USA, or tomorrow in the EU.
Apparently Gamespot has the full version download available. Size: 945.9MB

For mirrors see Wowwiki for a nice list.
a.Wirebrain is always insanely fast as well.

So what can we expect from the patch?


Some highlights

* The sunwell, obviously. A 25 man raid.
* Magister's terrace 5 man instance.
* New high end profession patterns dropping from the sunwell.
* New faction associated with the sunwell
* Daily quest cap increased to 25 per day (up from 10)
* Preparation for Season 4. It's not actually active yet, but some of the stuff and models are inside the patch.
* New Badge of Justice rewards at the sunwell entrance.
* New blue pvp armor added.
* New pvp daily quests.
* Epic gems, Primal Nether, Primal vortex buyable for badges of justice at the sunwell vendors.
* All the BT / Hyjal gem patterns available from the same vendors.
* Combat log improvements
* Global arena tournament servers
* New daily fishing quests added

And a huge list of Patch notes

* Resilience now affects mana drain
* Spirit affecting mana regeneration changed
* Non self haste % spells such as the drums and bloodlust / heroism no longer stack.
* Spell haste affects global cooldown
* Keepers of time teleport from Shattrath
* Secondary attacks should no longer target crowd controlled targets, for many classes.
* Honor calculation is now instant.
* Ghosts, machines and several elemental type creatures can now be affected by bleed and poisons.


* Lifebloom coefficient nerfed by 20%
* Regrowth mana cost reduced

* Arcane explosion buffed
* Arcane fortitude buffed
* Several spells mana cost lowered
* Icy veins changed to interrupt effects rather than extra chill effects

* Turn undead now works on demons

* Fear ward useable in shadow form
* Mass Dispel now affects a maximum of 10 targets, increased from 5. Both friendly and non friendly.

* Puncturing Wounds (Improved backstab) increases your critical strike chance with Backstab by 10/20/30%, and the critical strike chance with your Mutilate ability by 5/10/15%.
* Sap will now work on more mobs

* Call of Thunder: (Rank 5) now gives 5% critical strike chance.
* Earth shield, cheaper but less charges
* Ghost wolf cast time reduced by 1 sec
* Global cooldown of all totems reduced by 0.5 sec
* Shamanistic rage nerfed

* You can now summon players from inside an instance

* Several fixes to critical attacks, rage generation and extra attacks.


All raid bosses now drop Badges of Justice. I don't foresee a shortage on these things any time soon. All 25-man raid bosses also drop more cash now.

* BT and Hyjal attunements removed. Like was done with SSC and TK in the past you can now gain a title for completing the quest instead.
* Karazhan attunement removed. You just need one person with the key.
* Epic gems from heroics are no longer unique-equipped. Farm away !

And so many more changes. I'd be mad to list em all.
Check the full list with clickable links on Wowwiki

New daily quests

Source wowhead.

From the very beginning, there are five Outlands dailies that can be done for the Offensive. Those dailies should always be available. I don't know if they assist in reclaiming the various areas in Sun's Reach.
* Gaining the Advantage
* Sunfury Attack Plans
* The Multiphase Survey
* Blood for Blood
* Blast the Gateway

For the actual reclamation project and the dailies associated with each phase. Note that some of the dailies can still be completed after they finish, replacements are marked with a ---

Phase 1 - Recovering Sun's Reach Sanctum
* Erratic Behavior
* The Sanctum Wards

Phase 2 - Recovering Sun's Reach Armory
* Further Conversions (Replacing Erratic Behavior)
* Arm the Wards (Replacing The Sanctum Wards)
* Distraction at the Dead Scar
* The Battle of the Sun's Reach Armory

Phase 2a - Building the portal to the Sunwell from Shattrath
* Intercepting the Mana Cells
--- Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
--- Know Your Ley Lines - This is logically where the quest would go, but it is unknown at the moment.

Phase 3 - Recovering the Sun's Reach Harbor (All of this is speculation)
* The Air Strikes Must Continue (Replacing Distraction at the Dead Scar)
* The Battle Must Go On (Replacing The Battle of the Sun's Reach Armory)
* Intercepting the Reinforcements
* Taking the Harbor
* Making Ready - Creates the blacksmith and armor/weapons vendor.
--- Don't Stop Now

Phase 4 - Finishing the City
* Keeping the Enemy at Bay (Replaces Intercepting the Reinforcements)
* Crush the Dawnblade (Replaces Taking the Harbor)
* Discovering Your Roots - Creates a reagent/special items vendor
--- Rediscovering your Roots
* Open for Business - Is unlocked when Discovering Your Roots is completed
* Disrupt the Greengill Coast
* A Charitable Donation - Helps build a monument
--- Your Continued Support

A Magnanimous Benefactor can only be done during the A Charitable Donation portion. For a 1000 gold, and probably an Exalted reputation requirement, the "of the Shattered Sun" title can be obtained.


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