Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008
2.4 has hit the servers and a day later Archimonde is a fetid corpse for us. Feeding the plants, pushing up daisies, you name it, he's dead.

Third evening of "real" tries. And he went down in a single try, go figure. We even had 3 people dead before 60% but somehow managed to survive and push him all the way to 10%. After that it was pretty much a done deal and he grudgingly handed us some shiny purple items.

There have been several changes noted to archimonde with the release of 2.4. Invisible walls now block off the mountains around the area, doomfires seem more mobile and spawn more often and closer to melee. He's been somewhat buffed in essence. Our shaman's tremor totem now ticks every 3 seconds instead of every 4 however, which made the fear a lot easier to handle.

So, we've got all the rest of the week for BT, but the reliquary is bugged and doesn't cast it's deaden spell. So.... yeah... We did manage to kill the first three bosses in BT last night, so we're on schedule so far. Supremus is a "lot" bigger than he was but the fight itself seems pretty much unchanged, easier if anything.

Edit: Reliquary has been Hotfixed.

Guild tools

If you're like our guild and are using e107 for your forum, then you are probably aware of the Itemstats plugin as well. Also, you'll be aware that it links to allakhazam or thottbot, both of which suck especially around and before patch day.

Wowhead support "exists" but the quality of those plugins is poor at best. There is however a working alternative which you should definitely check out. It's the latest version of itemstats 1.5.5 modified to work with wowhead. It's a custom project but it works great!


I'm giving this plugin a try for a bit. You can see it in action in the middle column of the blog. At the bottom currently but that may change later. Basically it looks for people who link to this blog, then automatically creates a linkback for them. Meaning you get a free linkback, and some traffic to go with it. It's an experiment for now, give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Regarding itemstats; You could also just use wowdbs version ( it works on everything, but it requires more work, becuase you actually have to link to the item instead of just writing the name of the item.

bbr said...

Aye, or wowhead. I prefer the [item] method though.
Also, you'd have to insert their javascript into every single page instead of having it as a folder activated plugin.

Anonymous said...

Actually you can use wowdb a bit similar to wowhead - cause if you are like me, your looking at an item database anyway when you want to link to an item. Instead of writing [item] and copy the name, you write something else and copy the url.

If you use phpbb, you only have to add the javascript to the page header - thats it.

But hey, I have both plugins activated on my page, mostly because people prefer the item link, but they want to be able to link to spells as well (which is possible in wowdb)