Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April 01, 2008
Ok, some of you might already know, but MMOC just posted something rather curious. A dice hack. Or more accurately an advanced LUA algorithm which can calculate and predict when to roll your dice so that you get a predictable result.

In other words, a guaranteed 100 roll anytime and every time you want it.

I highly discourage the usage of this sort of addon, though it's considered legal for being pure LUA code, you won't be making any friends by using it. Also, i wouldn't hold it against blizzard if they decide to ban anyone that's found abusing the addon.

Obviously, using an addon such as this to win every single roll on a KZ run, or pug will make you suspect to GM report by your fellow players. If you absolutely feel the need to abuse it, roll 80-90 only for 1-2 items that you need.

PS: Don't forget what day it is. ;)

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