Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008
With the progress of the European realms to getting the anvil, people will be able to buy a large number of new items. These aren't cheap however. 150 badges for the weapons, 60 for a ring, 100 for a chest or legs, 75 for belts and gloves. You'll be wanting more and more badges quite soon.

Depending on how good or bad your guild is, there are a few places you can get badges from. Karazhan is an obvious favourite. Zul'Aman a close second.

Karazhan, 3-4 hours of work, 22 badges
Zul'Aman, 1-2 hours of work, 13 badges + 10 from quest item if you're lucky.
Gruul's lair, ~1 hour of work, 5 badges
Magtheridon's lair, ~1 hour of work, 3 badges
Serpentshrine, 3-4 hours of work, 12 badges
Tempest Keep, 3-4 hours of work, 8 badges
Black Temple, ~1-2 nights of work, 18 badges
Hyjal, 3-4 hours of work, 10 badges

There are also several new daily quests relating to the sunwell offensive. These will give you a bag of Shattered Sun Supplies which have a 10% chance to contain a badge. The quests also give 250 reputation.

Alternatively you could farm heroics (don't forget to pick up the heroic daily quest). Most heroic dungeons give 3-4 badges, and if you have time for it you can do each heroic instance once a day.


If you don't need any of the new gear, it can still be profitable to get badges.
Primal Nether is available for 10 badges, Nether Vortex is available for 15. These can sell for 60-300g depending on your server. 300/15 = 20g per badge. You could do worse things with your time, if you consider that you can clear Karazhan in 3-4 hours and receive 22 badges. Sure it's not as effective as doing Scholomance on your own, but still, not everyone can stealth.

Once the anvil is active, you can also buy uncut epic gems (which normally only drop in BT and HY) for 15 badges each. What the price for these on the open market will become remains to be seen, but expect to sell them for at least 100-200g.