Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22, 2008
We got the council down last night, which finally opens the path to Big-I.

If you are wondering where in that picture my ugly troll face is at... well i'm sorting out the heavy task of masterlooting in the corner (yes master LOOT-ing, not the other thing.. ffs perv) while the rest of them slackers are jumping around striking poses.

It's going to take some time, but we're confident he's quite doable. It didn't take too long to get him into phase 2 at least, but as our offtanks *cough*slack*cough* didn't have the required fire resistance yet we ended up calling the night. Next week they should be more prepared.

Illidan won't be easy, far from it, but we killed Kael'thas!! Surely Illidan is easier to learn than that bastard and his decrepit council. We already killed the Illidari council after all. Can't wait to see how our luck will be on the warglaives....

PS: We're looking for a warrior tank & a warlock to complement our raid team.


As some of your rogues may know, the spreadsheet which you're probably using to calculate your optimal DPS is being redesigned a bit. Head over to the thread and add your opinion or suggestions. I added some of mine as well, hopefully you'll be seeing some of them in action soon.


I figured why not, so i'm giving Entrecard a little test. Drop your card into the box, you know how it works. I dropped a couple of cards around myself but haven't got a clue how this works yet. Also, i need to make an image.... *grumble*

Oh, and only about 1800 pageviews until the blog hits the big 100k! We hit 50k unique visitors this morning it seems.


Added another poll.

What's your main email address? Hotmail, Burntmail, Gmail, Yahoo, An ISP based mail service, some other free mail service? I'm curious. Personally I got about 3 different mail addresses, but burntmail i've used the longest. Fool proof spam protection, you can't go wrong there. And then there's Yahoo which is being threatened by a hostile takeover by Microsoft. Who knows yahoo may well disappear sometime, but currently yahoo is almost begging google to put in an offer to take them over, it's funny. Search the news for it. And then there's AOL (scum) and Live mail which is the replacement for hotmail apparently.... Ah well.

Why i'm wondering? Well apparently Microsoft is going to "kill" (terminate indefinitely) the dav-protocol, which is responsible for allowing outlook-express to communicate with your hotmail account. Basically you'll have to use another email program, or stick to webmail from the browser. It's nothing too dramatic, but little annoyances do add up. Source, Dutch version.