Monday, April 07, 2008

April 07, 2008
Busy busy, muscles aching that don't usually do and still plenty of work to keep with the house left to do. Ps: Sanding doors sucks!

Also have about 6 posts partially finished and i can't really post them until they are finished. Everything in due time.

Blocked another 3 dirty goldsellers. Those pests are active with ingame whispers as well again. Sigh.

Added a new wow comic.

Chidori is back in business!

LFG comic has also updated, but needs some more fire.

What do you mean it's not April fools today?

The guild wiped at 1% on Mother Shaz.. hate it when that happens. She should go down today, then we'll be playing with the council proper.

Greens will replace epic items when WotLK is released, much like TBC did. But that's hardly surprising is it?

Anyone notice lag with the "Linkback list" loading? It works ok-ish, but seems to have loading speed issues.