Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008
So it turns out you lot think Chuck norris will beat High overlord Saurfang.

Chuck Norris : 81 (59%)
Overlord Saurfang : 44 (32%)
Neither / Both : 12 (8%)

Poor old saurfang had to beat the dus at only 32%, while 8% of the votes say that they can't beat each other, or would both die in a fight to the death. But what if High overlord Saurfang is actually Chuck Norris' ingame toon? Ever considered that eh? A man can't beat himself.

And so we put up a new poll.

DPS or Healing

What's your role in raids, or how do you perform your every day playtime. Are you DPS all the way? Do you heal others, or do you fulfill both tasks? Hit multitask if you're a tank.


Anonymous said...

I guess it should be DPS or Tank :)

Anonymous said...

If anyone could beat himself, it would be Chuck Norris!