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Ending the other polls a bit early as well, for the most important question ever asked.
In a fight to the death, who would win?
High Overlord Saurfang or Chuck Norris

I know! it's a dilemma. Possibly the biggest one ever to face Warcraft Kind. More so than the Buttered toast paradox. And what if Saurfang actually "is" Chuck norris? It would answer so many questsions, yet raise so many more.

On a side note Chuck doesn't like moonfire, perhaps he'll fare little better to cleave shooting wands.

Previous poll results


A poll to the result of the earlier post about MMOC vs WoR.
Looks like the majority of you prefer MMOC for the moment.
* MMOC - 155 (79%)
* WoR - 40 (20%)

Judging from the compete analysis MMOC is drawing more visitors, so this is not too suprising. WoR is working on something however. Time will tell how the public responds to this.


What class is your main?
* Rogue - 102 (17%)
* Mage - 73 (12%)
* Druid - 66 (11%)
* Priest - 59 (10%)
* Hunter - 56 (9%)
* Warlock - 56 (9%)
* Warrior - 53 (9%)
* Paladin - 48 (8%)
* Shaman - 44 (7%)
* Deathknight? - 31 (5%)

How on earth can 31 of you already be playing a Death Knight ? Cheat !

As expected there's a decent number of rogues reading the blog. Paladins and shaman low, much like the player cencus might show. Curiously there's not many hunters, while those are one of the most played classes on census. Asian gold farmers don't read the blog i guess...

Saurfang image from Dan Dos Santos


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