Instant messenging

Closing the IM poll for now. Yeah i know it had 9 days to go, but i felt like closing it, because i can.

The results :
* MSN 139 (58%) : As expected really.
* None 44 (18%) : Nothing at all?
* Skype 42 (17%) : Wasn't expecting this.
* Other 34 (14%) : GTalk, or what?
* AIM 28 (11%) : Aol instant messenger, all americans i guess?
* ICQ 25 (10%) : See Previous post
* Yahoo 19 (8%) : Uninstall that junk.
* IMVU 1 (0%) : Curious
* Jabber 1 (0%) : Huh?

About 44 people who don't use any IM at all? Curious. Quite a lof of MSN users visiting this site. Heh, only a single person using Imvu, even with all the advertisements you see everywhere that thing just doesn't really take off. Same for jabber, though i somewhat expected that one to be more widely used.

What "other" IM are there? 34 is not a number that's easily ignored, I doubt all those people are using Google talk, or are you?


  1. I use google talk. Great IM- No extra features like... nudging. :/

  2. I also voted for and use G-talk. I hate MSN and AIM. For a client I used Pidgin.

  3. If those 34 people are using GTalk then you can put 35 behind Jabber. GTalk is Jabber. Nothing more and nothing less.

  4. I have IDs created for MSN , Yahoo and AOL. I use Trillian that keeps them all in one little window so it acts like one messenger but I can talk to friends on all 3 networks.

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