And comics as well?

And comics too!

I figured it'd be a great idea to incorporate the GCC pages in here as well. Saves me time managing two sites, gives you access to some comic links and generally increases exposure. Which obviously is a good thing. It'll mean the primary "focus" of the blog as a WoW blog is watering down some more - but that should come as a surprise to no-one.

Let me know what you think, good idea, bad idea?
Or just wait for the new design to go "live".

Also, more cleaning up. WoW comics, there used to be more in the past but it seems several stopped updating or simply stopped paying for their domain name. Quite a shame really as there were some really good ones (beside the ones listed below).

Cru is awesome, but no longer updating, as seems to be the case with most of them besides LFG. At any rate, enjoy!

WoW Comics


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