Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012
The first comic of this new year is called Abian. I can not recommend this comic for it's great art, as you will see it's fairly simple compared to some most other comics. Still miles better than my own drawings, but that aside. It's in black and white, so that can only mean one thing right? Either I was bribed into posting this, or it has a great story.

Well, I'll let you know I wasn't bribed (nobody even tried so far, surprisingly) this comic has a very entertaining - religion touched story on a view of society and it's underlying taint. No doubt 3 out of 4 readers will stop right there, but really, if you simply start at page one and read along you'll find the comic growing on you in less than no time at all.

The main character is a priest, who hunts "demons" among the population. He is granted a special sight by which he can detect who among us are the most grave of sinners and put them to justice. Little does he know that he will walk among the world as a sinner himself and, as a demon given the form of his tormentor.

The comic is an "almost" finished product. Sixteen chapters worth so far, each around 20-40 pages. It's a decent read for an evening. The prime theme of the story is "self reflection", and it's told at a good speed that will be enjoyable to read. Updates are slow, but always worthwhile.

A relatively unknown, but highly under appreciated comic in a niche of the Internet. Read Abian, it's good, and needs a warm place in your bookmarks.