Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012
Girl Genius - one of the top  steampunk web comics on the web. Featuring the story of Agatha Heterodyne, the long lost heir to a castle (and town) that has been under the iron fist of "sparks" a.k.a. mad scientists for years. The town has a way of dealing with the eccentricities of such people however, in fact it's become the center of their lives.

The story will take you along with Agatha as she discovers her lineage and finds out who her true parents were. A long quest that takes her along many ways, and find a variety of friends both human and "not quite" human. Meet heroes, quarreling lovers, and above all many crazy mechanical contraptions, and plots to kill her and take over the castle.

The comic started out with a different artist than the current, so you'll notice a difference in the art styles. Initially the comic was being published in two parts - meaning readers could start at page 1, or at page 250, and every week a page got added to each section. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 250, 251, 252 etc. Since then the two sections have caught up with each other and the story is now progressing along a single line as you would expect in any comic.

"Weird Science", mechanical marvels and a conspiracy around every corner. Girl Genius is a must-read for every Steampunk lover.