Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012
Another black and white comic, and again I'm not sharing black and white comics unless they are "really good".

Pawn most certainly qualifies true and proper for the "really good" title. Even though updates are sporadic at best, it's still alive after many many years and it's always a treat to get an update posted.

The story is about a lesbian scribe going down into a dungeon to seek it's biggest treasure. Not gold and jewels as you might expect, but it's mighty demoness guardian. Naturally that part of her quest succeeds, but getting back out of the dungeon is another task entirely.

So, start reading Pawn today! Not because it's updating every day, not because it's black and white, but because you should have started reading it years ago already! That, and it's an awesome comic.